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questionnaire RESULTS !

Sat, 20 Jul 2019 13:55:00 +0000

Thankyou to all those who returned their questionnaire. We had a 37.5% return. 

          Thankyou all for your support - we shall always endeavour to improve our service ! 


Sat, 20 Jul 2019 13:40:00 +0000

An emotional time saying our 'goodbyes' to the children leaving for school in September. 
It's been fabulous to be part of their learning journey, have some great memories that will be recalled between the staff team on many future occasions. 

      Wishing them "all the very best" for their next steps.

We wish all the children and their families a lovely summer !

term dates -


(Staff training day - TUESDAY 3rd Sept)

Begins:                    WEDNESDAY 4THSEPT 2019


Half Term:  Mon 28th  Oct - Fri 1st Nov


Ends:      (last day)    TUESDAY 17TH  DECEMBER 2019

(for FEES  ( 14.00 x 7 ½  & 6 ½ ) = 14 WEEKS)



Begins:                      MON 6TH  JAN 2020

Half Term: Mon 17th Feb - Fri 21st Feb  


Ends:       (last day)    FRIDAY 3rd APRIL  2020 for Easter

(for FEES ( 6 & 6 ) = 12  WEEKS)




Begins                            MONDAY 20TH   APRIL 2020



Half term: Mon 25th MAY - Fri 29th MAY

Ends:           (last day)   FRIDAY 17TH   JULY 2020

(for FEES  (5 & 7  ) = 12  WEEKS)



Mon, 15 Jul 2019 07:15:00 +0000

This years Forest School Trip was a huge success. The children really enjoyed their trip to the Forest and really made full use of all the areas.  It was lovely to see the children jumping in the muddy areas and having a good go at everything.  We light a fire and toasted crumpets - kindly supplied by one of our families. We also used the Kelly kettle to make hot drinks for staff and we also popped pop corn over the fire. The children were so good at respecting the fire pit area and remembering the rules too. They all sang on the bus on the way home despite being immensely tired ! 

Great imagination and involvement building a 'museum' outside. Adults supported by inputting ideas as to 'what you might see in a museum' and we talked about things that were worn and used a long long time ago which prompted language such as "this is a olden day wheelbarrow" and "I've got a statue". One child went inside to get "old army clothes" to display. We talked about who works in a museum e.g tour guides, security etc encouraging them to negotiate roles in their play. Some great cooperative play seen.

The children were fascinated with the idea of painting ice moulds they had made. They watched as the paint made its way down the ice and formed a puddle of colour. The children painted the large  ice mould red. " It looks like a volcano" said one child ( we have 'made' a working volcano model recently) . "the larva is flowing out the top "said another. Children showed curiosity and interest in using different media to create new effects.

The children are enjoying an increasing range of books and brought them to staff to look at the illustrations- so this shows that they know that information can be retrieved from books. A favourite book being the life cycle of the butterfly. ( as we have hatched real butterflies in playschool this term). The children showed a good understanding of the sequence of events referring to past real life experiences with our own butterflies. 

Good fun was had cleaning up our environment - scrubbing the chairs clean, rinsing them off and carefully stacking them in the sun to dry.  We counted 14 to 41 !!  Every child helped at some point. Good work everybody! 
- see notices below 

Characteristics of Effective Learning- Active learning - motivation

 * Being involved and concentrating
 * Keeping trying 
 *Enjoying achieving what they set out to do

This weeks play shows how the children are taking responsibility for their own environment - cleaning and sorting - enables the children to develop a sense of belonging and involvement.   The children discuss with the staff what needs doing, and then they get on with it with staff support and at their own place  This helps develop a sense of ownership and pride  

slide show in Playschool Tues and weds at 2.30 pm 


Sun, 07 Jul 2019 09:39:00 +0000

This week we made a volcano at the beginning of the week. The children got busy sticking paper towels at the base and up the sides of a plastic bottle, then dinosaurs were added to the tuff tray. By the end of the week lots of imagination was being used. The we made the volcano erupt using bicarbonate of soda, vinegar and red food colouring, the children were amazed on seeing this.
The children worked hard to follow the recipe to make the sour dough next step, so that we could make actual sour dough bread on Tuesday.  They took turns counting out spoonfulls of flour and weighing it out then sifting it. 

The children really enjoyed outside play at Towerview, they were practising their mark making /writing skills and sending each other letters, complete with envelopes covered in butterflies and hearts. Very sweet to watch!

Lots of great washing of the toys using sponges and paint brushes happened.  There were some very enthusiastic helpers and there are only a few more resources to be washed and packed away for the holidays.

The children at Towerview have been enjoying Christmas role it!!

Characteristics of Effective Learning- Active learning - motivation

 * Being involved and concentrating
 * Keeping trying 
 *Enjoying achieving what they set out to do
These characteristics are very visible this week with the children persevering to make volcano model , clean toys and practising their mark making. They are very willing and keen to get stuck and get the jobs done  from making dough into bread and from model to volcano. All these tasks and activities help build resilience and that concentration that support that 'want to learn' that  will support them in everything they do in life.

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