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Sun, 09 Dec 2018 16:53:00 +0000

Tap tap art took off this week with some lovely creations being made that children were very proud of.  The children managed to keep the pins mostly in the pot on the table! 
The children worked well together and also with a little adult help managed to create some great vehicles using the meccano. We saw wheelbarrows, cranes and fire engines being built.  

All the children have also been busy making all manner of Christmassy creations !

Broadway Playschool two year olds went down to the church and to look at the reindeers decorations they had made hanging on the Christmas tree. Many of the children recognized the one they made. 

At Forest school there was lots of delightful use of the mud kitchen in the forest digging area this week.


                                   THANKYOU ! 


Fri, 30 Nov 2018 16:19:00 +0000

At Broadway Playschool - the little ones have been challenging themselves on the A frame and slide, testing their physical abilities.  Outside they have been putting their ideas into practise and getting involved in obstacle course' with crates and planks to balance along and crawl under, balance along and crawl under.  Great reindeer's and collages done by the two year old's this week with some really good 
co-operative tidying up and helping each other. 

At Towerview Playschool - As our topic is 'cold climates', the children placed Duplo polar bears into water and placed them into the freezer. Once the water froze they had a lot of fun using different tools to try and break through the ice.

Lovely drilling to make the reindeer Christmas decorations  (for our tree at the UR church Tree Festival) again this week - some children having their 2nd or 3rd go and getting quite skillful. remembering the safety goggles too!  
The singing practise is going well too with lots of the children remembering the words now.

The children enjoyed having white play dough this week and we have enjoyed sharing some nice dough 'sweets and cakes'!!!

REMINDER - any child with sickness and/ or diarrhoea - even if only one bout CANNOT attend Playschool for 48 hours FROM THE LAST BOUT. 
This ensures the prevention of spread of infection and protects the staff, who if we all get sick -there will be NO PLAYSCHOOL ! 

Wed, 28 Nov 2018 07:14:00 +0000

This week we did an experiment to see how and why sharks float. The children shared their thoughts "fins", "water", tail". The children also made their predictions but also said how the experiment could be done differently to get a different result.

Great sawing in the Forest School today. Children learnt and repeated safety rules -  understanding about keeping safe 
and assessing risks. Having sawn the disks from branches in the Forest School, all the children have done some drilling. Even the ones who were a little reluctant at first enjoyed the new experience and they seem to be very happy with their finished 'reindeer' decorations. 
We will walk down to decorate the tree ourselves and our decorations will be displayed on our tree at the URC church hall (upper high street) over the next two weeks and at the Broadway Late Night Shopping events - this Friday and following Friday 7th December.

There have been some lovely collage pictures being done this week - all very creative and children talking about what they have made
some starting to put their names on their pictures: one child told me she had "made a beautiful butterfly"!

Outside some amazing construction has been taking place. Children really using communication skills to negotiate and instruct each other. 

Friday evenings -30th and 7th and over weekends too!


Sun, 11 Nov 2018 17:38:00 +0000

We looked at fire safety this week. The children did 'good listening' as we all sat and talked about Bonfire night, fireworks and sparklers and how to keep safe. We also passed around a lit candle for the children to feel how hot they get and talked about how only adults handle matches. 

The children enjoyed making the chocolate 'bonfire cake'. We used melted chocolate that they ch enjoyed breaking up, then working out how to melt the chocolate.  It was suggested we put it in hot water we tried this but that resulted in- "no yuck ! ". So we discussed what else do we use and it was agreed a bowl over hot water might work- IT DID !   We then showed the children the box of rice crispies which had a crocodile on the front …."what do you think is in here? " they were asked - their replies were "crocodiles "!

 On Tuesday we put sparklers in the 'bonfire' cake then enjoyed the cake for snack time. The children also made firework paintings.

The children are really enjoying listening to the story of the Princess and the Dragon. They are listening well and are talking about what happens next in the story. 

The children enjoyed making 'poppies' prints using halved apples to print on a banner of lining paper and rolling green paint on for the grass, and drawing stalks on the poppies. It looks really lovely - please take a look in Playschool.

We have also seen some amazing role play, acting out the roles of fire fighters and building of 'boats'.

At Broadway Playschool, the children at the 2-3yr have enjoyed making firework paintings.
Seen some really imaginative role play this week, exploding fireworks and water fountains.  
Great car role play using tyres and crates for the engine.

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