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Mon, 18 Sep 2017 12:19:00 +0000

Hello everyone ! 
The children have all either settled back in or are getting to know us and beginning to settle now.

We have seen a lot of empathy as older, more settled children support younger new children - lovely to see.

The children have been making the most of being outside with water play, construction and chalk mark making. The children have been busy using the 'tool kit' to 'repair' the play house- lots of hammering and drilling going on!

We have made bread rolls as a group- they looked smelt and tasted delicious ! 

At Broadway Playschool, the children have been building towers inside and out and getting used to sitting up for snack and coming to story time.

Forest School is going well - Jude spent a day coppicing and tidying both areas ready for the winter. We shall be doing fire safety and working with basic tools over the winter months. The children have enjoyed climbing. They will also be helping to manage the site - collecting fire word and looking after the trees and birds.


Fri, 21 Jul 2017 21:22:00 +0000

In Playschool the children have enjoyed building walkways and bridges with the planks outside in the sunshine. 

After a rather damp start, meeting up at the Tower park, we think it's fair to say that the Tower Walk this year was a success, with lots of sliding and rolling part of the way down. An added bonus was the company of grasshoppers during our picnic snack half way down. The children all had a great time walking down and they did brilliantly considering the initial bad weather.  They enjoyed 'log rolling' down the hills, sliding down on their bottoms, seeing the views and even came close to the sheep. They finished it off by preparing their own sandwiches for an indoor picnic back at Towerview Playschool.

Broadway Playschool (the two year old group) enjoyed a visit to the park this week, where they played on the swings, seesaws and even managed to climb the climbing frame; before sliding down the pole like firefighters.

Well we really can't get over where the time has gone!  We have all really enjoyed seeing all the children growing in confidence and their personalities shine through. We've shared lots of lovely 'WOW' moments on the way.

Enjoy 'big school' all our 'Leavers'  and we look forward to welcoming children coming back in September to continue their journey with us.


water water everywhere ........

Sun, 16 Jul 2017 20:06:00 +0000

The children have enjoyed building outdoors, they have been observed building a car, bridge, walkway, surfboard and a house. The children's imagination is extensive and it has been fun to watch their ideas develop.

The water play has been extended by the children and they have really enjoyed making a water course to tip the water down; working out flow and exploring gravity. We have been expanding water beads that one of our parent's kindly supplied - the children have enjoyed the texture and the colours  and have used mirrors to make kaleidoscope patterns.

At Broadway Playschool the 2-3 year old children have enjoyed parachute games, moving 'up' and 'down' to create wind, and hiding 'under'.

The coming week will be full of mixed emotions as we say goodbye to the children going on to 'big' school in September. We've had an absolute blast this past year and looking forward to seeing the slide show Jude has put together for us to watch everyday (from Tuesday) at 2.30pm.


Sun, 09 Jul 2017 08:23:00 +0000

This week the children made the most of the sunshine - donned with sun hats and sun cream they built water courses and dens and enjoyed the whole outside experience.

The little ones at Broadway Playschool went for a walk over the fields. We saw birds, dogs, the stream - where we played 'poo sticks' and horse and foal then a field of sheep being rounded up by a 'farmeress' on a quad bike and sheep dogs - what an exciting day!

We have been designing '3 lovely Apples ' drawing entries  for the Broadway Horticulture show that will be on in early Sept this year. We hope to win the cup for the 5th time !!! Also making 3D trees entries out of junk for the Willersey Show in August.

This was a fabulous day. After getting ready we boarded the bus - very exciting and lots to see as we went down Broadway High street on route to Sandfield Farm.  Once there we unloaded all out lunches, fire basket , tools and water and went in to the huge forest school area. This has hills, muddy ditches, mud kitchen  stiles, tyre swing, musical drums, different shelters and fully kitted out rooms with toilets and hand washing facilities. We stopped to watch the pigs loving getting showered from the hose pipe and the cockerel.
Then we had snack around the camp fire - toasted crumpets and marshmallows and explored the forest. These was steady supply of watering cans to sue in mud kitchen or to make muddy ditches even more muddy!  We had a fabulous day - getting very, very muddy and enjoying the freedom of the vast forest. I was very proud of all the children and staff who made the day so wonderful and to Emma at Sandfield farm for her support. On our way back one boy fell fast asleep and another  child remarked " that was the best day ever ! "



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