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Fri, 12 Apr 2019 14:34:00 +0000

The children have been very busy this week with all things Easter. From collage on egg shapes, making Easter nests out of melted chocolate, shredded wheat and mini eggs. They have made Easter bunny cards and helped to make an Easter display-  finding items in the setting that relate to Easter.

At Forest school we had a real fire and toasted hot cross buns - everyone had a go at holding the bun over the fire on a hazel stick. The Easter bunny had been so a lot of collecting of eggs and counting went on - we found 39 !!!   It was lovely to sit in the spring sunshine and enjoy Easter snacks. 

At Broadway Playschool the little ones also enjoyed making chocolate nests and collage eggs and having their own egg hunt. 

All the staff would like to wish all our families a very happy Easter ! 



Mon, 01 Apr 2019 14:46:00 +0000

The children enjoyed listening to and taking part in the story of Goldilocks and the three bears using props from the story sack. The children used mathematical language such as little, middle-sized and big when comparing the sizes of porridge bowls , chairs and beds. The children were able to predict was going to happen next in the story and also retell narratives in the correct sequence drawing on the language pattern of the story.

 At Towerview Playschool we discussed how to get all the sand play back outside. The children then did a fab job of moving the sand back outside. They thought about what to do, they swept,dug sand into buckets Carried and then sat back and admired their work.

Loved the imagination evolving this week, we provided the group with cardboard packaging, at the beginning of the week it was a roof, then a tunnel and by the end of the week a group was using it as a slide!

We enjoyed a lovely walk through the fields with the 2-3yr group, the were all delighted to see the lambs with their mothers. We watched them play together, feed from their mums and saw one little one trying to stand and balance on his mother' back. The children coped really well with preparing to leave and listening to instructions on the walk - well done guys! you did brilliantly !

The older children have enjoyed playing with the playdough this week and they did really well  following the sequence to create their Mothering Sunday cards.


Mon, 01 Apr 2019 14:38:00 +0000

We have been introducing a nursery rhyme a week - this weeks is 'Tommy Thumb" This week we have been looking at shapes and letters. The children were enjoying looking at the magnetic letters and 3d shapes. Some children transferred their recognition of these in to chalk mark making outside.  The younger children accessed the big blocks which were used in tunnel building. They were connecting both the train tracks and the big blocks in their constructions.

The children enjoyed taking part in ring games outdoors,'The farmers in his den', 'Ring o roses' and 'Jack in the box'.The children followed adult instruction, held hands, formed a circle and responded to rhythm and song by means of gesture and movement. The children delighted in being ' Jack in the box ' crouching down quiet and still, then  jumping up, when adult said will he come out now, yes he will !

At Forest School the children have really enjoyed tree climbing and digging in the mud kitchen this week.


Tue, 19 Mar 2019 13:00:00 +0000

Welcome to Annelise our newest member of staff ! 

She introduced herself using 'Quackers' the puppet on her first day and noticed later that some children found the hand puppets such as bumble bee and dragon and used them imaginatively; recreating sounds of the bee and breathing fire from the dragon. The children engaged in action songs and rhymes most able to listen to and followed instructions and actions.

Great play using the wooden blocks making cars, boats and hovercrafts using the same amount of blocks, just changing the positioning of them. It was great to see a group of children accessing helmets as a safety precaution as their tower of blocks became wobbly as they built it as 'tall as themselves' !
We have noticed this week how all the children are really beginning to enjoy playing and interacting together. There has been a lot of great role play together and caring towards each other. Some of the children were playing in the outside area on the tractor tyre, pretending to be in a boat, using the oars and going off to 'Goldilocks land'. When they reached it they were trying out the beds and eating  porridge! Great imaginations and beautiful singing,  'row,row, row your boat'.

There was some great big build construction going on alongside chalk  mark making. Drawing around shapes and their hands.  The younger children enjoyed the shaving foam in the tuff tray- “driving the cars in the snow”

It was lovely to see the children's delight at making cress boxes to take home - they enjoyed sprinkling on the seed and watering - thanks to our lovely volunteer helper who organised this and who helped the children achieve this. 

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