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autumn treasure !

Mon, 07 Oct 2019 13:05:00 +0000

An excellent time was had on the conker and leaf collecting walk - the children listened well to safety instructions before hand and had a wonderful time finding huge shiny conkers. They then made a lovely autumn display in Playschool.

Using magnifying glasses the children investigated and explored the collection of autumn 'treasure; leaves, pine cones, conkers. They were showing curiosity and interest in the features of objects and describing and talking about what they observed. 

A story was read about a spider and continuing with their enthusiasm re-telling events in the story the staff and children made a giant spider sculpture using conkers 'placing and arranging' them on the floor to create a big friendly spider picture. When complete the children stood by their spider leg that they had created and all joined in with the nursery rhyme 'Incey Wincey Spider.'

they rolled paint on selected leaves and then placed them on paper - covering and pressing to make leaf prints.

Great counting from the children playing the game of hide and seek.  Lots of enjoyment in the sand using the dumper trucks and front end loaders.

Some of the staff Team attended an Early Years Conference in Worcester on Saturday. They had a very enjoyable day - learning and playing! 

CHARACTERSITICS OF EFFECT LEARNING Playing and exploring - engagement

 these characterisitcs have been seen in abundance this week - Finding out and exploring in nature under the conker trees, in the school field, forest school and playschool outside and in 
Playing with what they know - using the autumn trreeasure they found to do this Beingwilling to 'have a go'- following staff lead and now more spontaneous 

busy busy bees !

Sun, 29 Sep 2019 18:35:00 +0000

The children at Broadway setting enjoyed rolling and cutting gingerbread dough to make animal biscuits to take home.

During the week  we did some foot prints, putting our feet in paint then on to paper. Some children really enjoyed it others willing to take part but little bit unsure of the sensation of paint between their toes!

Lovely firefighter role play seen this week at Towerview.  The children directed adults and peers where to go and how to keep safe. 

We've been lucky this week to look closely at a visiting snail, slug and spider who delighted us with a magnificent web on the decking.  This has given the children great learning opportunity to extend their understanding of their world and discuss other cultures and languages.  

The children have worked as part of a group showing an interest in the way musical instruments sound and the different sounds they make. The children explored how sounds can be changed from loud to quiet and then still. They recognised and repeated sound patterns ie 1234 still, 123 still, tapping their instruments and observing the adults visual instructions.They enjoyed playing their instruments along to familiar songs they chose from memory. 

On Friday we had an amazing Forest School session despite the rain - the children got changed so quickly we are really proud of them- they listened well at base camp and knew the 'Forest School Rules' - no walking inside base camp fire pit area, no picking, no licking , no running, how to carry sticks long and short and stopping at the boundaries and roped off sawing area.  They had a lovely time - climbing on the climbing tree with Sarah assisting. Making leaf patterns with Jude, and mud pies with Mags'. 


Fri, 27 Sep 2019 14:44:00 +0000

At Broadway playschool the younger children are really settling into their routines nicely and starting to play together more.  They have enjoyed the lovely dry sunny days playing outside in the sand.
At Towerview - we have had a great week looking at our faces in the mirror, looking at different features and  using the resources to make self portraits with different mark making materials such as chalk, pen and pastel.

It's wonderful to see the new children settling in well, knowing the routine of snack time (taking their name off the tower board /helping themselves to plates and cups and pouring their own drink) it's so nice to see their independence and confidence growing.

We have been making bread - measuring and weighing the ingredients - looking a what implements we need - sieve , bowl etc and watching the dough rise - literally grow in the sun!   then rolling and snipping the balls to make hedgehog prickles. A few of the children have got hedgehogs in their gardens which is good to hear ! 

REMINDER - Friday Forest School - all children need their own NAMED welly boots - thankyou  



Tue, 17 Sep 2019 11:23:00 +0000

Welcome back to all our older littles ones and a big welcome to our new ones!

Broadway Horticulture show - we won the cup again ! for our painted stones animals- well done everyone !

It was lovely to meet returning children and new children along with their parents. One of our activities to get to know one another is sitting in a circle and rolling a ball to a friend and learning and remembering their  names aswell as the staff. Great way to introduce ourselves to one another and have fun whilst learning. Lovely to see the older children guiding the little ones in role play. 

The children have enjoyed being outside in the autumn sunshine -building with the foam blocks using the guttering to make ball runs.  Great creations and imaginations being shared already, including a 'helicopter pilot' and 'lorry driver', their 'machines' made out of tyres and crates. 

Fantastic how the children confidently explored during their first forest school session, they all listened, followed the routine and joined in brilliantly when we did the forest school circle.  

The little ones at Broadway playschool are settling in to the routine and enjoying the 'Dear Zoo' storysack.
It is lovely to notice the older ones how they have grown in confidence over the summer break and we look forward to seeing them progress even more.

-Playing and exploring - engagement =
Finding out and exploring - Playing with what they know  -Beingwilling to 'have a go'
we are seeing all these solid characteristics in the children's play as they settle into Playschool. All good foundations for competent learners.

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