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Christmas preparations - ALREADY !

Mon, 20 Nov 2017 07:57:00 +0000

Believe it or not we have ben  getting Christmas decorations made for our tree inside the United Reformed Church in the upper high street. This coincides with Broadway Late night shopping evenings this Friday and next. Do come and see our PLAYSCHOOL tree! 
We have also been practising our Christmas songs for our sing song for parents, carers and families in the last weeks of term - date to be announced ! 

While all this has been going on the Little ones at Broadway Playschool have been planning bulbs in our newly reclaimed garden and enjoying being outside in the winter sunshine and the rain!

At Towerview Playschool the older children have been making pretend trains a=out of boxes , assault courses from tyres and also enjoying the winter sunshine. At Forest School we are noticing how leaves are still falling and how the plants are dying back as winter approaches. Frozen leaves and grasses were studied and we noticed how the sunshine melted the frost.

IEPs winter reports have gone out and many parents come to meet with their child's key person last week. If you didn't and would like to please see Jude. You can arrange to see your child's key person when ever you wish to  - please talk to them or Jude to arrange mutually suitable time. Thankyou


Sun, 05 Nov 2017 20:15:00 +0000

This week saw the children helping to carve the pumpkins and then chopping and preparing the vegetables to make soup- they all had a go with the blender too. And thoroughly enjoyed the soup with only 2 children saying they didn't like it. We all studied the matches and held the lit the candle and talked about fire safety and burning ourselves and how to keep safe.

All the children enjoyed making bonfire cake - out of krispies and melted chocolate and watching the fire and the cake with sparklers in it at Forest school.  Eating it was fun too!  

The children have thoroughly enjoyed marble run this week. They have made big and small runs and watched as the marbles made their way down their creations.  This also developed into running cars down the planks to see which would go the fastest.

We had a lovely game of Hide and Seek on Wednesday with most of the children taking part, which was really nice to watch.

AT Broadway Playschool the little ones made spooky spider web prints from glue and glitter - many were very good at following instructions.



Sun, 08 Oct 2017 21:41:00 +0000

At Towerview Playschool the children have enjoyed collecting and playing amongst the leaves, having lots of fun running through them kicking and throwing them over each other on the school field. They enjoyed watching them flutter down and hearing their crunch as they jumped and skipped through them. We shall have to try to make some art installations with our finds!

The children enjoyed a short walk to the horse chestnut 'conker' trees this week. We collected and sorted the conkers. Some were very big, others were tiny !  

We also had great fun using the bikes on the ramp - there was some really good turn taking, waiting and beeping the horn on the way day to 'alert the oncoming traffic ! '

At Broadway Playschool the '2-3s' are enjoying 'What's in the box?' and joining in with action songs. This takes a lot of concentration, develops patience and enables 'turn taking'.  Outside the children enjoyed the autumn air, seeing the leaves falling from the trees. 'Bubble time' engaged the children in jumping and twirling as they tried to catch the bubbles.

Autumn themes ....

Mon, 02 Oct 2017 07:10:00 +0000

At Broadway Playschool, the little ones have been showing off their physical skills with 'roly ploys', jumping and hurdling over cones.   They are enjoying sand play, trying to make sandcastles with almost every container!

At Towerview Playschool the children have really enjoyed practicing their throwing and kicking skills with the footballs.

The children enjoyed the 'Owl Babies' story sack, which reinforced to them that all mummies come back. They showed some excellent recall of the story and talked about their feelings. 

They have lalso oved looking out the window, this week, at the digger taking down the garages and then going outside and playing with the toy diggers and conkers.

Lots of children have enjoyed making 'hedgehog' shaped collages this week. Also the puzzles table has seen some lovely interaction, support and encouragement from one to another.  

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