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Tue, 18 Jun 2019 12:21:00 +0000

There has been some amazing imaginative wooden block building going on with plenty of thought on balance for bridges, carrying vessels for cars and car washers,helping each other to make a boat from the tyre and using planks for seats.

The children listened well and followed the recipe to develop the sour dough starter we have been growing . They enjoyed weighing out the flours and measuring the milk.... looking at the numbers on the scales and jug"

Everyone took part in making ginger heart shape biscuits. Looking at ingredients using all their senses as appropriate to identify find out , describe and talk about what they observed. They showed an interest in weight by measuring the ingredients counting and recognising numbers on the scales. The children used rolling pins and cutters to achieve what they had set out to do and proud of their finished biscuit

The 'little ones' at Broadway Playschool really enjoyed their first mud kitchen session on Monday. They were all keen to put waterproof overalls and wellies on, lovely to see them helping one another. They are really getting to know each other better and starting to interact and help each other a lot, which is lovely to see.

- engagement

 Finding out and exploring / Playing with what they know /Beingwilling to 'have a go'

Here we see the children becoming confident in their environment and getting 'stuck in' to try new things. They are showing one of the key drivers for learning - enthusiasm and interest - something that our children are exhibiting in abundance ! 


Sun, 16 Jun 2019 16:58:00 +0000

Fair Future Funding parent supporters

Parents can help us stop the childcare funding crisis this summer.
Have you found your 30 hours 'free' childcare isn't actually free? Have you struggled to access funded hours when you want them? Do you find you are paying more for added extras such as meals or activities? 
When the government introduced the 30 hours funded childcare scheme - entitlement that you and your family deserve - they failed to ensure funding levels covered the true cost of delivering quality childcare. Childcare providers like the one you entrust to care for your children have been struggling financially - and in some cases closing - ever since.  
Our Fair Future Funding Action Week will start on 10 June - a locally-focussed campaign to put pressure on government to fund early years properly.
How to support the campaign if you haven't already done so, sign-up to the campaign and receive regular updates:    
write to your MP using our template letter. To send the letter electronically, you can find contact details for your MP here:  Simply input your postcode to get details of your MP, then click on the 'Send a message' button. You can then paste your letter into the box. 
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Tue, 11 Jun 2019 17:06:00 +0000


It was wonderful to watch all the children coming into Playschool after half term- keen to get on with their day. This term we are looking at experiments and growing.

They listen well to how to make play dough and all joined in to make it.

We had an impromptu visit from the community police lady who allowed the children to explore the police-car and turn siren and lights on!  
The children have enjoyed the water play using different containers to water their lettuces radish and beans. There was also a castle built with the foam blocks for 'Rapunzel' role play. 

Outdoors the children were engrossed in mark making with chunky chalks on the playground. Using their imagination they drew 'rainbows' , 'rivers', 'aeroplanes' and 'dinosaurs'. 
The children showed increasing skill and control in their gross and fine motor skills working creatively on a large and small scale and enjoying what they had set out to do.


Great to see the children at Broadway Playschool really involved outside, responding to each other and working together building with crates and planks to balance.

They have all been introduced to the mud kitchen area and seem excited to get involve....looking forward to messy times ahead !

CHARACTERISTICS OF EFFECTIVE LEARNING - Active learning - motivation - Being involved and concentrating

Here we see the children's motivation to learn in their engagement with the environment , staff and each other.

They are able to focus on their choice of activity and on the different activities being introduced - such as making playdough or listening to the police lady.

The use of mark making that comes from their interest to repeat what they have seen and to communicate through the written word is all starting here- and it is so exciting to see, and be a part of!


Thu, 23 May 2019 15:54:00 +0000


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